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I started a citizen science project on aquaponics research in January. The idea is you keep a diary, so you can look back at what happened. For example, you can keep track of and graph your water chemicals. This is  recommended, especially if you are new to this. This information can then be used as the basis for research.

After the first four months 40 people are taking part.

USA is the leading country participating, with 45% of the current membership, closely followed with Australia at 40%. The others come from Canada, South Africa, France, India and Andorra.

What are they doing? 47% take part in a survey, and 44% percent are taking advantage of the diary.

Interestingly, those in Australia are more likely to add to the survey (22%) than those in the USA (16%) but those the USA are far more likely to utilize the diary (31%) compared to the Australians (6%).

Another interesting fact is that the most prolific diary user comes from Canada. This is followed by Australia and then the USA. I have had a number of comments from diary users how useful it is, especially for those beginning the journey.

If you would to participate, feel free to join You will also be able to look at diaries of similar systems to compare.


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