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Aquaponics has recently been included in National News stories. If you have links to any such stories, please share them here :-)

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Here is a telecast of the NBC story on Sweetwater Organics (Aquaponic Gardening Community member), that aired in Nov 15th. 2010. Congratulations...what a great telecast :-)


Fishing for food solutions, aquaponics offers clues

Aquaponics, a method of growing fish and plants together, creates a closed loop system that some say could help to address food shortages in places without access to fresh produce. NBC's Anne Thompson reports.

Thanks for posting that.

Aquaponics will change how we get our food

What a great news story...very motivational and inspirational...thought I would share with you :-)


ENVIRONMENTAL charity Moffat CAN launched Scotland’s first aquaponics food growing system.

And 500 people flooded to the Old Church Depot at Annanside on Saturday to celebrate the environmental project’s opening and see how it works.

Moffat CAN have transformed the depot from a derelict building into an exciting community project which has created 16 jobs and is training local unemployed more by clicking the link below..


Moffat CAN launches its Scotland-first aquaponics system

Just came across this article :


While it does not mention us by name, the writer visited Sahib's Aquaponic Research Farm during the Aquaponic Conference Farm Tours and was amazed at the set up in "Waste land":


"Recirculating farms reuse as much as 99 percent of their own water and recycle organic waste from fish into nutrients for other crops. They are endlessly customizable so can be placed in just about any underused, or otherwise unwanted urban environment, according to the Coalition's executive director Marianne Cufone.

"These farms are scalable," she said, speaking after touring one covering just 1/20th of an acre located behind a strip mall in Orlando, Fla. "I've seen some the size of a desktop growing herbs and goldfish and I've seen ones covering acres and acres."

The crops grown on recirculating farms can vary widely. On the small Florida farm she'd just seen, Cufone said lettuce and herbs were being grown alongside Tillapia. Other farms grow produce like tomatoes and eggplants and a variety of higher-end fish stocks."


Will Aquaponics and Other Urban Farms Yield a Green Job Harvest?

There have been a few media posts on Sahib'a Aquponics Research Farm recently and how it can apply to sustainable urban farming and helping grow healthy food locally and also as a potential source of good gainful employment right here in our home, beautiful USA. Here I am attaching a media post that I just received...

The Coalition and Sahib Punjabi's farm in Winter Park, Florida got a nice shout out from Dr. David Love of Center for a Livable Future at Johns Hopkins: http://www.livablefutureblog.c om/2011/10/recirculating-farms 

God bless
Very nice Sahib !

Here is one news story that should encourage everyone wanting to grow food locally and naturally...there is a BIG need to work your brand and capture your share :-)


USDA: 'Locally grown' food a $4.8 billion business Estimate is seve... 

5 Fish You Should Never Eat

"adding to our salmon woes, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is moving forward with approving genetically engineered salmon to be sold, unlabeled, to unsuspecting seafood lovers. That salmon would be farmed off the coast of Panama, and it's unclear how it would be labeled. Currently, all fish labeled "Atlantic salmon" come from fish farms. And, as you know if you follow me on Twitter,they're fed pellets that contain pink dye—that's how they get their color. Gross!"

Good article...well worth a read.


So what can we do to stop USDA and the approval of "genetically engineered salmon? 


I know what I feed my fish in my Aquaponics systems and I would have no problem recommending those that are grown for food as "Excellent Quality".


God bless, 


Fancy that...for all of you that have smart phones that support Android Apps..


Aquaponics Guide



Hats off Milwaukee & our friend James Godsil Sir for promoting Aquaponics in this project :-)


Is Milwaukee growing the next urban farming trend?


Also read and watch this related story...we need to all approach our city officials about such projects...


Farm of the Future: Aquaponics?


God bless,


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