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Heading over to Nigeria in December 2014 to set up a aquaponics garden for the locals. Hoping to use local materials. Any input would be helpful. My plan is to set up a small system to teach the locals the concepts and on a return trip set up a larger system. We have access to electricity and a deep bore well.

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I suggest studying Travis Hughey Barrelponics site  .  He has put in a few aquaponic systems in Africa (all over the world, really) and used local materials in his Guatemala set-up/  Depending on how large a system you want, you can use his 5 barrel system and duplicate it.  The beauty of this system is that you can make it out of other than barrels.  The components are something that can be found through out the world, so replacement parts are not an impossibility for those left to operate the system.  It is a very simple system, and not much can go wrong with it.

   My family just installed a large-ish AP system at an orphanage in Honduras using local materials.    My suggestion is to find out as much as you can before you go about the REAL story of what is or is not available.  Consider if the system needs to be in a fence or shelter for security or not.  The other important piece of the puzzle is making sure you have 'local buy in" for the project.  Otherwise , when you leave, there will be just another project some "rich people" from the USA bestowed upon them, and it will sit. "Buy in" is important, and if you bring photos of systems producing food, it will help tremendously.  Let the locals work along side you so they learn how it works and get the feeling of how easy doing AP is, with a little instruction. 'Buy-in' should be an easy step for your larger system you'll put in later, after the first system is installed and producing food.

  If you cannot use all local materials, stuff your clothing and personal items in your carry-on.  Put fittings, tools and the like in your allowed checked bags. If you are transporting a lot of new PVC fittings and such, be sure if you are representing an organization to have a note on letter-head detailing teach piece of new plumbing in the suitcases and what they will be used for. Include value...This way authorities in Nigeria will not try to nail you for bringing in new hardware for sale. 

   I wish you a great success on your trek, and that all the details fall into place as you prepare for this great work!

  Hope some of this note is of some help to you.

- Converse

Hello Mr. John Meehan, I will like to meet you one on one because I have great passion  for this system of agriculture called Aquaponics. But my main problem now is how to start the system, I will be forfilled if you can help me out.

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