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Hi All,

I am Memes, I live in Hong Kong and own an appartment with full rooftop (lucky me). Being an aquarist for many years and a gardener for a few, I was delighted to discover the world of Aquaponics. I just started this year and my first system (featured in below video) just started. 

Plans from now are :

  • Increase the fish population (those few goldfishes do not produce enough nitrates apparently)
  • Increase the grow bed volume (triple what you see in the video)

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Hi Memes. That's a really nice video. It must be nice being on the rooftop. Do you get decent weather most of the time?


in HK, we have got yesterday the cold weather warning, temperature dropped to 15 C... that says long about the temp :), nice all year around, maybe too hot in summer (32-36 C with daily minimum of 28 C).

For the sun part, it is rather sunny most of the time, though, I am concerned about the rainy season. 4 to 6 weeks in April to June with heavy rains. the container garden suffered a lot last year because of that. let's see for the AP system... 

Last concerned will be the typhoons, this year, only got 2, one of them was just a big rain with 60km/h winds, nothing too bad.

just an update on my system with this little video (and still my awfull french accent :-) )

new update

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