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A friend of mine started his aquaponics setup with one IBC and when he showed it to me I quickly became interested and we've partnered up and have been building second IBC setup. The second unit is up and running and we plan to add plants today. 

The system has 50 Tilapia and we are successfully growing some leafy vegetables. However, our intent is to grow Tomato's. The plants got really big but didn't produce any fruit. We decided to prune the plants and start from scratch as they began to take over the entire bed. They are now pruned and under control, seem do be doing well. With our new pruning method and extra growing space we hope to have tomato's shortly.

Until then, we have lettuce, carrots and radishes to enjoy.

I've attached a few pictures of the system, the one with the empty bed is the newest addition that we'll be planting today.

Oh yeah, they are both flood and drain systems that use a bell siphon. 

I'm also building a smaller system that is being designed to be a little better looking and actually sit in our living room. My hope is to have it built and operating by the end of the week. 

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New systems often suffer from potassium and trace element deficiency and a dose of maxicrop might get you flowering better.

Thanks TCLynx

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