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I know Sylvia mentioned it in the last newsletter but if you haven't checked it out yet I started a new Aquaponics Podcast and have interviewed some great people so far.  So...

1. Go check it out Aquaponics For Everyone Podcast

2. Who would like to hear interviewed in a future podcast?

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Hoho, sweet!!! Good for you, man! Need a co-host? I have a beautifully nasally voice; well suited for all your podcasting needs :)


Who do you think we should interview next?

But to everyone on the forum who hasn't met me in person: I have a deep, manly, baritone voice. So keep imagining me that way. :)

Hmm, I'll listen to the podcast first and let you know. I'm really looking forward to episode 3, I'm slightly familiar with morning star fishermen, but I don't know much about them. I think they do missional aquaponics training, right?

R.K. Castillo said:


Who do you think we should interview next?

Actually, I don't need to think about it. I wanna see you interview Vlad. Period.

R.K. Castillo said:


Who do you think we should interview next?

Cool, I'm going to download and listen while I work.

I've got a complaint. Your opening song is WAAAAAAAY to catchy :) I'm gonna be humming this song all day, so thanks alot lol

Well I listened too them all yesterday. Very good stuff!

I especially enjoyed the Nate Storey interview. 

I'm ready for more ;)

In addition to Gina, Sylvia, Nate, and Phil, I'd suggest:
Rakocy, Leonard, and Ryan Chatterson (UVI, PHD, and AES)
Vlad (Serbian master and overlord)-AP, peeponics, and bioponics
Glen Martinez (Olomana, HI)-AP, EM1, woofers, airlift pumps, orphanage, and more
Kenji Snow and Ken Armstrong (Ouroboros, CA)-AP and soil web
Peter Shaw (Cabrillo College, CA)-AP and hydroponics
Max Meyers (NorCal, CA)-AP and permaculture
Rob Nash (Austin, TX)-AP
Carrey Ma (China)-AP, permaculture, sustainability, homemade feed
Kellen W (White Brook)-AP and aquaculture
Tony Vaught (ProAqua, CA)-aquaculture
Dr Olivier (BioPod, Viet Nam?)-BSFL
Matthew Farrel (? Can't remember, sorry Matt)-expanded shale, aquaculture
Pete Noce (CleverPonics, NM)-EPS rafts name a few. I can put you in touch with any of them.

I'd do an interview if you like. I am in escrow (closes Friday, yeah) on a 350,000 sq ft greenhouse (320k of it is clear), which will be the largest commercial AP GH in the world? As far as I know anyway. Work work work... :)

(list/post from the threadjack...)

hmmm...IDK the list in my head just keeps getting no particular order:

Kellen Weissenbach 

Ryan Chatterson

Terri Mikkola

Carey Ma

Jon Parr

James Rakocy

Kobus Jooste

Rupert of Oz - I've read so many posts, would love to hear a podcast
TCLynx - human Aquaponics encyclopedia
James Ebling - author of Recirculating Aquaculture
Dr Elaine Ingham - THE leader in soil biology and Compost Teas
Gary Griggs - insect frass pro
Randy Lovell - Aquaculture past and CDFW staffer now.

Charlie Shultz

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