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I have previously shared the vision of Agropolis Future of Urban Agriculture in the forum discussion:

(Other Systems (non-member): Aquaponics in Action - USA Urban Inroads).

In case you missed that, here is the link:

Well this is now realty :-)

A cutting edge farm opens in the middle of London

The project is called FARM: shop and it's a living and breathing statement about how we could be feeding our cities.

From what I have read, AquaponicsUK is largely responsible for this wonderful venture. Certainly going to be a place I am going to visit when I next go to visit my family & friends in London, UK. Check out this link for yourself:

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wow it great idea u have there. i am happy i got to learn a simple setting. is it possible to grow shrimps in shallow water? How did it cost you for the settings?
I heard Charlie Price (Aquaponics UK) speak about FARM:shop at SweetWater.  This seems like an amazing project.  I think it could be a great addition to the Americas.  It would be so educational for everyday people to be walking down the street, look into a window and be like "What the hell is that!?!"  Walk in and then take a look for themselves, at that instant when they are interested, not a week later, right when their curiosity/interest peaks they can walk in and explore.
Agreed. This is what I have been discussing with a few people and was even toying with looking at a "Franchise" type of operation...let's see :-)

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