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Coastview Aquaponics, Inc. is now offering an aquaponics education and internship program.  This is a long-term, hands-on learning experience on a working farm in Kailua-Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Our farm is a small commercial farm that currently has 1000-square feet of grow space. The farm is located in the backyard of our urban home.  We are primarily a neighborhood farm, we sell our produce to the public three days a week. We also sell to a local health food store when we have excess.

Each participant will learn aquaponics by working one on one with us by helping with the daily farm work.  This is a learn by doing program which will be reinforced by explanations of the importance of each step.  Instruction takes place on
our farm while performing tasks with us. This program is all about learning by actually doing tasks on a regular basis.  Some of the regular tasks include
feeding fish, medium prep, seeding, transplanting, harvesting, processing,
system construction and system upgrades. Participants should be in good physical condition, eager to learn and help with the work.

 Sessions are a minimum of 1 month, however we highly encourage a longer stay.  The longer the participation the more that can be learned.  We will teach you all that we know about aquaponics, which will take time to absorb.  We are constantly learning and hope to learn with you.  Participants will have two consecutive days off per week to do as you please.



Program will include:

* One on one/hands-on aquaponics training.  You will be taught 

  many aspects of commercial and backyard aquaponics including

  (but not limited to):

          1. Aquaponics Theory.

          2. System Designs: raft/deep water culture, gravel beds, vertical and
                  integrated systems

          3. Growing media types & preparation.

          4. Seeding: seed selection, spacing techniques, germination.

          5. Tilapia Breeding.

          6. Construction, system expansion & experiments on our farm, which will

                include:deep water raft, gravel beds, vertical towers, bucket systems and


          7. Water Quality.

          8. Farm Management Techniques.

* Comprehensive aquaponics manual.  

* Excursions to other aquaponics farms on island (there are many).


Participants  who complete a session can use Coastview Aquaponics as a reference.

What will be expected of you:

* A positive attitude, eagerness to learn and willingness to help with the farm work.
* Farm work will be 5 days a week and occasionally up to 6 hours a day.  You will 

   have two consecutive days off each week. 

* You will provide your own food.  We will get you to the store.



The Living Arrangement:

Coastview Aquaponics has private housing on the farm to offer participants.  The housing is in a separate residence on the farm and is surrounded by aquaponics systems. We offer housing for two participants at a time. Housing includes shared kitchen, shared bathroom, shared great room, internet access, washer/drier, bed linings, towels, and basic cleaning supplies. Each participant gets their own room(rooms are separated by soft walls within the great room).

We will accept interns who wish to provide their own housing or live in the area.


The Financial Arrangement

We offer two ways to participate in our program.

1)One month: We offer a one month(30 day) educational stay for a tuition of $1000. This is an intensive, hands-on training where you learn aquaponics by doing. We charge more for this shorter stay because we have to spend more time bringing you up to speed in a shorter time, which takes up away from our other projects.

2)Three month: We offer a three month educational internship which we highly recommend over the 1 month stay. It takes more than a month to fully absorb and understand everything that we have to teach. Tuition is $1500.


Longer stays are possible, please inquire.

Priority will be given to those who want longer stays.






 If you are interested in participating in our Aquaponics Internship program, email us: and we will send you an application and answer any questions you may have.





Coastview Aquaponics, Inc. 73-1202 Ahikawa St., Kailua-Kona, HI  96740  (808) 325-7665


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