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Hello there, 


I am designing an aquaponics kit.

I would really love some Feedback, 


Its a basic prototype but I would love to hear any thoughts about it!


I have researched into different systems, and this is based upon a basic drip system.


The top section would be Filled with water and Hydroton.


Any thoughts


Thank you 






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Yes, Hydroton can be your only filter (or the home of the biological filter and worms) but you need at least as much of it as you have fish tank to be really effective at supporting much fish.  I actually like to have twice as much grow bed volume as I have fish tank.

Hi Sophia,

Another option for filter is a Bio - sponge filter.


I use two in my 3 foot aquarium.  It aerates and filters at the same time...   the bacteria grows on the filter and the solids in the tank get broken down, I also have a water flow pump to create a flow of water so all the solids are pushed to the sponge filter. 


This way I remove the sponge on one and clean them and after a 2 month I then clean the other... This allows the bacteria grow on the cleaned one as it takes about 4 to 6 weeks for the bacteria that converts the ammonia and nitrite to grow...


Hope this helps...


Just a couple of thoughts and observations about algae in clear tanks.


I have a 100gal tank with gold fish and I am feeding duckweed that is co-cultured with algae (as a nitrogen fixer). Before I covered the sides of the tank, I had algae blooms sufficient to kill the fish. Covering the sides brought the problem immediately under control with the interesting side effect that the fish began to graze on what algae did grow on the sides of the tank. They did not do this before the sides were covered and now prefer the algae to the duckweed. The high carotene content of the algae has done wonders to the color of the fish.


Clearly, you are building a system where artistic value is a major concern and a covered tank would not be your first choice. I am reminded, however, of a relative that built a green house with green fiber glass and nothing would grow. A clear green building material may be a solution to any algae problems and what I assume would be your desire to view the fish.

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