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I may have an opportunity to set up an aquaponics system in a classroom. I was just wondering if people thought it would be best to set one up for an average class or a smaller group of students that are considered standouts. Our local district has a program called TAG (talented and gifted) where students particularly interested and gifted in science, math, etc. get to do projects like this or just advance at a faster pace. Which one do you think would benefit more? Advantages, disadvantages to each?

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Perhaps the TAG students could help you with the research in figuring out what sort of system might be best for setting up and helping everyone.

I think the hands on sort of math, science and other things that can be learned from Aquaponics may really be a good way to draw in the otherwise less interested students so it would be a shame to leave them out.  The TAG students might be good ones to do some advance research and then once it's time to be setting up and explaining the system, they could be your teachers.

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