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Im new to this concept, but excited enough that I proposed an idea to our city water board... an idea that I hope will enable us to be a frontrunner in the development of sustainable city resources by incorporating aquaponics with our soon-to-be-remodeled lagoon wastewater program.

They appeared very interested and excited at the potential to create somewhat of a prototype that will incorporate several partnerships among educational and regulatory agencies. I hope our very small rural town can step up and see success here that can be replicated in other small towns. Ours has about 200 people. we discussed food and other products that will benefit people in our community.

Ive found some resources and other areas that have set up systems to do precisely what im proposing most are in the northern part of the country. im in Southeastern Oklahoma in one of the lowest income counties in the state.any input and wisdom would be appeciated!

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My 1st few thoughts:

a- waste water has pathogens 

b- you would have to have "treated" "clean" water to use in the system

c- "b" would mean that there is no benefit of using a aquaponics system to "treat" of "clean" the water

d "c" means you could set up a aquaponics system anywhere as a self sustaining garden/food source and if the city wants to get involved great!

e- I am curious as to how those other areas are using the aquaponics-- can you explain?

my 2 cents and IMHO

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