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So I put together my one cost effective aquaponic tower, or at least the design.  I really want to try and grow some vegetables and tallipia in it.

We have a nice big window that faces to the south and a lat bit of ceiling area just above it.  Would build this and place over in this area that gets sun every day of the year.  4" planting pots would be placed in the 4' styrene Wye's and then that whole structure would be hung from the roof on a swivel.  This way that whole structure could be rotated by hand so that plants would get there turn at getting some light.

The 55 gallon base would have the pump and all the water in it and I would try and farm some tallipia in it.

I estimate total cost coming in about $102.50, assuming I can get the barrel and brick for free.

Any comments would be great.

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