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I built a 10' x 27' greenhouse.  Now I'm laying out my system.  I'd love some input from some of the more experienced aquapons here.  I include a prf file of the layout I'm thinking of.  Any suggestions are welcome.

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Hi Brian. In your diagram looks like you are going to run two systems, raft and drain using the same fish tank "correct me if am wrong" I do not recommend you to do so because the water returning from the gravel system will stress the filters "clarified and bio" on the raft system and will contaminate the ruts suffocating the plants. I recommend you to have two separated tanks if possible. For a raft system to work you need to have a good filtration system and air injected "oxygen" to the plant beds.



Murray Hallam has used media beds and rafts together with good success. You may want to look at his set-up.

Make sure you have airstones every 4 feet in the rafts.



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