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I have some issues with my 300 + iBC aquaponic system, my levels have been high for a few months have done 3 10% water changes, 2 25 % changes and no change in the levels still around 160 PPM.

Today I cleaned out the swirl filter and over flow tanks, and added a large area to give me more growing space.

Please give me some advice and direction.


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Nitrate 160 is not a problem.  Plant more plants and/or feed less if you want it to go down.  

I couldn't open the attachment.

If your ammonia, nitrite and PH are in proper range, you should be OK.

I have fed less, will put more plants in tomorrow.

I'll check tomorrow ALL levels thanks.


Ok I finally got my test done in A/P/ System.

P.H. 6.6 to 6.8

Trate 160

Trite 0 PPM

Ammonia 0.25

H.R. P.H. 7.8

I am trying to lower my Nitrate levels have done water changes and added more plants.

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