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Hi Guy's

Since reading Sylvia's book some three years ago, we have gone from small home system's to 12000 sq foot commercial farm which we grow by 3000ft every 6 weeks.This is a great forum of like minded people.



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Hi Colin - where are you located in Cape Town- and where can one get of your produce?
Hi Pieter, we are in the Three Fountains Farming Estate on the way to Atlantis, because we have limited production at this point we literally only supply three large packing companies on contract. We sign up new contracts and expand our capacity accordingly. This is to ensure supply and it creates an element of sustainability. One of our clients packs for amongst others, the spar group, so if you buy their salad packs, its most likely our produce. If you're interested in some pm lme with contact details and I will send you some.
It's a stone throw away. Will contact you shortly.

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