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I now have a dozen bluegill in my 60 gallon system (about 4-8 inches in size), and am scrambling after having bought some bad (very old, dried out) aquamax that they won't touch.

I'm confused by the size and type info given on Purina Mills site. While there is a separation between carnivorous and omnivorous sections, they mostly seem to be the same lineup.

But in short, all one local dealer has is a 50lb (new) sack of Aquamax Grower 500. Is this ok for 4-8inch bluegill? Is is ok (or advisable) to break pellets up into smaller pieces? And, also, is it critical if the feed is all "float" instead of "sink/float"?

As you can see, I'm a fish-feeding noob. Any advice appreciated :)

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Right, if you have a small number of fish.  Holy Cow, more than $10 per pound.  I thought Silver Cup was expensive but this tops it by far.

Chi Ma said:

I get the floating pellet mix from Angels+ . If you read the ingredients on some of the food they don't have a lot of stuff that you can't pronounce.

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