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Have any of you heard of this companys' line of products and are they harmful to fish?

Was thinking about perhaps adding some thru a standpipe that would drain directly to the grow bed that drains to a sump tank and gets pumped back to the fish tank. Would that filter it enough or would it hurt my fish and turtle friends? Thanks

I sent them an email yesterday still waiting for a response. They encourage growers to use whatever brand base nutrients they are comfortable with. Their stimulants are supposedly the best for achieving great results. Also bat guano seems to be the main fertilizer used for base. I'm not interested in starting a bat farm. I would like to use my fish and turtles instead and perhaps control their NPK production thru diet. Plants/meat ratio as the plants need different amounts depending on what stage they are in. I think they will be very happy eating live worms and aquaponically grown lettuce as their staple diet. Please feel free to chime in. Thanks

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Just got a response from Aptus. I'll share it in case anyone else was curious.

"Great question! I'm a big fan of aquaponics, though we haven't done any direct testing. My gut is that some would be okay. I don't think fish like high P/K levels so I think Peak and Finale are out of the questions. BloomBoost probably too because of the plant hormones. StartBoost is just organic amino acids, humic and fulvic, and the bacteria. I imagine no issues there. MassBoost is Ca/Mg and organic amino acids PLUS some nitrates...which are okay I think as long as the numbers are low (not sure what fish need). FaSilitor probably not either as it doesn't do well in recirculating systems and the B and Mo may be toxic to the fish. Ecozen would be unnecessary and also break down nutes in the rex over time. The other option is to let the fish feed the plants then foliar the plants with FaSilitor, MassBoost, and FinaleBoost as supplementation where needed.

i wouldn't mix hydroponic  chemicals in an ap system.. just get a high quality feed.. you may need to add some chelated iron (maxicrop with iron) in a newly established system... but a mature system shouldn't need any chemical additives as long as you stock appropriately for your system, and provide a high quality fish food

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