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 Hey everyone Im Dave,thanks for letting me in to this forum. Im new at this please bare with me. I have a 40 ga. fill and drain with a sump 3 small beds , in the kitchen for herbs. Ro'd my water and added a friends water from an established system. Added proper ph 7 then noticed the instructions said dont use with plants in the aquarium. Too late! Havent cycled the water thru the media. cant get an answer from api yet. aany ideas.? Thanks for your time.

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Throw out the water and start again.

Thanks Ryan, hard to get cycled water , didnt want to do it!! High resistance! sounds right, I might not ever get it out of my system. Ha Ha to the punn!!!!

Ryan Garlington said:

Throw out the water and start again.
I learned from my own recent problem- its sometimes easier to treat new tap water for AP use rather than fix a big problem with your existing water.
that's the theory in swimming pools too,

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