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Can anybody tell me what pH this red color is supposed to mean? To me it doesn't look like it matches any of the squares on the test kit.

I am using the API Master Test Kit - this is the high range pH test.


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That is what mine looks like at the moment.
TCLynx told me the PH is probably pretty high, I will try to add some rain water and also do some searching in the forum for ways to bring it down some.
I am a newbie here so, I don't have much to offer in the way of advice.

I have that same test kit, and I work with African cichlids, who like a PH of 8.2.  There was 1 time that I over PH'ed my tank and the reading came out pink.  When I stuck my digital PH meter in the water, it showed PH 10.  Lower you ph with acid or a water change.

Also you might want to rinse the tube, and retest.  After you rinse it with tap water, rinse it in your tank water several times.  Sometimes I will just get a funky reading, and I always test twice if I get a reading I am not expecting.  I run 8 fish tanks in my home, and have had every issue possible.

Hi,thanks for the input! Sorry not to respond sooner, I haven't made it back to the forum in a little while.


Also just an update.


I tested my (city) tap water and it was coming out pink as well, at the time I filled the tank and on several refills. Shortly after posting all of my fish got a fungus and died in a matter of days. I assume the high pH damaged their slime coats, leading to the fungus.


I tested the tap water again and its down to 8.0 pH. Not really sure why the drastic swings, but I will be checking the pH of the water each time before adding to my tank. Right now I plan to dump and clean the tank then start the cycling process over...


Also a quick question - putting too much acid to lower the pH of hard water will affect the minerals available to the plants right?

What can you add to lower ph mine is way too high? about 8.5 was told it should be about 7

Hi Daniel -

I used pH Down. It was totally ineffective, I think because my water must be extremely hard. I've heard others mention several different acids that they have used to lower pH - muriatic was one I think?




Can you really use muriatic with fish? I have a 200 gallon tank with 50 3-6" tilapia in there and I dont want to kill them.

ph is about 8-8.5  Help !

Your PH is way to high.

Mine was darker then that. 


You can add RO water and it will help.



You can also get ph down. 


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