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In response to Robbie's question -- I buy my ladybugs at our local nursery.  A package of 3000 costs me about $8.  What I have found is that they need carbohydrates as well as the protein in the aphids.  There are a couple ways for them to get it:  1) have something flowering so they can ingest the nectar (my cilantro is going to seed and they love it!) or if you don't have something flowering, put a raisin or 2 in a little dish of water and they will come and drink the "tea".  I usually put a couple toothpicks in the raisins so the ladybugs have a way to get their treat but still get out of the dish.

They will fly to the brightest point - like a moth.  So you may want to find a way to confine them to keep them around.  Eventually they will have babies.  YouTube has some interesting videos on the life cycle of ladybugs.

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There is also "good bug" food available:

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