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I'm making a documentary about urban farming worldwide.  I just got back from Cuba.  I'm in New Orleans and after here I'll be going Atlanta - DC - Philly - NY - Boston before I head West back to Portland, Oregon.  I really want to include aquaponics in the film.  Anyone have a system they want to show off?


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Sounds great I will definitely get in touch when I'm back in PDX.

Re: Kickstarter.  The first campaign is over, but there's a second one!  And I've been in touch with Sylvia Bernstein, the creator of this web site, and she's offered copies of her books as the newest reward...check it out...

We have a farm near Washington, at least it's on the way up north.  We can work something out I'm sure.

Sounds good, Matthew...I'll be in DC this weekend.  Send me an email or find me on Facebook, would you?


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