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   Anyone here using solar power for their AP systems? I was wondering how many panels and batteries it would take for a small family sized operation.

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I am not a solar expert but it all depends on your power needs. are your pumps always on or timed. how much sunlight you get. here is a link to help you figure your needs out they helped when I was working up a system for my lights in my shed.

I am in no way advocating purchasing from them never bought anything from them. but there page is helpful

The video will give you some things to consider.  See the OFF GRID group too. 12V VS 110.  

How's your budget?  It's not cheap.

 Thanks David. Will check it out next week.

Geroge,We will start very small. Our budget is also 'very small',haha. I'll watch the flic soon as we get these plants transplanted.

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