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I'm hoping to find someone who is actually using the Growstones recycled glass media.  I'm very interested in it since it is a much more sustainably produced material.  However, a quick read of their website indicates that it may increase pH. Is anyone using it and what has been your experience?

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Thank you for your help. As mentioned above, I have added chelated iron. The plants are more happy, although far from ecstatic.

As I also said, I am now doing nothing with the pH unless it goes to 7.7.

The pH has not bounced much. With daily addition of Botanicare pH Down, it has been ranging between 7.2 and 6.8, usually 7.0 or 7.2

So what is the pH after not adding any pH down for a few days?

Today, on day 9, the pH is 7.6.  It started at 7 and has been climbing very slowly.  The plants look pretty good now, since the addition of chelated iron.

thank you for the update



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