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Or know where I can get one?

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Have you read David House's book on bio-gas?

I haven't.  It looks like a pretty thorough resource for building a digester.  It feels like it might be a little over my head.  Are there places you can purchase digesters or would I have to build one myself?

Rebecca B said:

Have you read David House's book on bio-gas?

I hear you about the book; I only skimmed it before I passed it on. A quick Google search found commercial companies that would build you a large system and several DIY plans such as and and

I do not like joining so many, (esp off handed) groups! I think this could have simply been a forum topic.

Anywho, I have ABDs for sale if anyone is interested. My anaerobic bio digester is made of rubber and so simple to use, a monkey can operate it. It has gone through testing here and complies with all government regulations (in China). Please check your local county ordinance.

I'm not sure it is applicable for export as a single item but please contact me if any of you are serious and I'll post more info.



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