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I am planning to build a greenhouse this Spring on the concrete pad formerly occupied by an old steel garden shield that I torn down and recycled last fall. I want to protect both the wood, the plants inside, the fish, and my family's health to using the least toxic wood preservative possible.  Heard about's Cedar Shield wood preservative. Sounds good, but would appreciate hearing from anyone whose actually used the product.  Any outgassing issues I need to be aware of that might harm the system?  

Here's YouTube video on their product:



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Hey Bill! I didn't use any preservative on my wood house except for the treated baseboard near the ground. I've been in greenhouses most my life and just plain old wood holds up fine as long as 2 layers of poly are used with an air gap. (If you use poly). With the air gap the inside surface never gets condensation so the rafters remain dry. I used a single layer on the end walls because they usually move with the wind and allow air to the studs, plus they're easily replaced. If I would make another house it would be from cedar because I like the smell. Termites are my biggest worry! Good luck-- Tom

My plan is to use recycled plastic decking for the base plate and then use Cedar Shield on the rest, but if it's not needed, so much the better.  Plan to use double poly on "hoop" part of the house.  How'd you attach double poly on that portion?  Any value in using wiggle wire system?    Also, like the black material around the door and end pieces. What'd you use here?

The commercial houses I'm familiar with used a poly fastening strip similar to wiggle wire called 'Snap Lock'. It worked real good, and I've never heard anything bad about wiggle wire and heard it works fine. I used a woven poly batten tape because it's cheap, and so am I. The 2 layers on my wood house are stapled and nailed all around its edges like a ravioli, and nowhere else, and will be filled with air as soon as I get a fan. Still hard for me to believe the little fan that filled the space on a commercial 21x75' house! Kinda amazing.

I don't know your design, and speaking as a carpenter by trade, IMO the plastic decking board is good for decking and nothing else. It won't hold a screw, and is not structurally sound.

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