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Found these roaming around my garden today .

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Aphids, I think, but am not certain.  Great photo.

Thanks for the replies...looks like the Assassin Nymph to me too.Im hoping its a beneficial bug??

A bug that eats other bugs is generally a good sign your garden has a healthy ecosystem up and down the chain. Congrads.

A bug that eats other bugs is generally a good sign your garden has a healthy ecosystem up and down the chain. Congrads.

I hope they are Assassin Bug Nymph's for your sake.  I fear they look a bit like leaf footed bug nymphs to me and leaf footed bugs are not a good thing since they and their nymphs suck juices from the plants and fruit and do damage.  And they are incredibly hard to control especially around aquaponics.  (stink bugs and squash bugs are also problematic in my garden.)

Had a look around the garden and noticed the tell tail sign of leaf foot damage.Your right on the money TC, I used my handheld vac to suck up all the ones I could see.What else can I use to combat these suckers.Thanks in advance




The Hand Vac is the best method I found against the sucker bugs like leaf footed bugs, squash bugs, and stink bugs.

Neem oil can disrupt their ability to progress from nymph to adult and therefore re-produce but any oil should be used with extreme caution/care around AP or not at all.  And you simply wind up with lots of giant nymphs if you do the neem oil.  I've been too lazy to bother spraying much of anything around my garden for the past couple years and we still get produce.  I wish the birds would eat these bugs.

These things can wreak hell on pretty much any fruiting plant in your system. TC is right.  Break out the vacuum and go to town to clean up your infestation.  I'd avoid the oil though.  They seem to move slower in the evening so use this information when you are waging war and flanking them.  Now that you got the area under control it's time to call in reinforcements.  Get down to the local nursery and get Nasturtiums.  Plant these directly in the system or in pots around the perimeter.  I plant about every 4'.  This will help secure the bed from leaf footed bugs and many others.  Marigolds are good but combined with Nasturtiums it's an almost unbeatable defense for these pests and more.

Really?  Leaf Footed bugs don't like Nasturtiums?  I'd never heard that, pretty exciting because we love Nasturtiums.

And so far the squirrels haven't bothered the nasturtiums though they have decimated the lettuce.

Nasturtiums = Ultimate KungFu :o)

For Squirrels get a cat, BB Gun, .22 or Shot gun depending on your frustration level but remember bird shot scatters better than double ought buck.

Actually they hate cayenne pepper and Tabasco.  Garlic may also work.  They are like criminals and will hit easier soft targets first especially when they are not well defended.  Keeping in mind that they love corn on the cob you could really get some payback and some entertainment at the same time by implementing a spinner feeder and laugh for hours because they are opportunists.  I mean after all it's about payback amirite? :0P


Keeping in mind you don't want to shoot holes or add lead into you aquaponics system.

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