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Hi there,
I planted a stack of seed trays out then packed them all on to a tray to carry them to the growing rack.
I stumbled with the tray and some of the trays fell and got mixed up.
I swept the soil up and put it back in the seed trays. Pot luck style

About 4 of these jobs sprouted but it doesn't look anything like the pics on the seed packets.
I tasted the leaves but it doesn't taste like anything.

Any ideas??


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It looks like a type of invasive crabgrass I have growing around my property... probably not the same species but it looks crabgrass like and very healthy!

A weed would explain it. I must swept up a seed pod or something.

I 4 of these all in the same tray, so I assumed it must be something from a seed packet.

Going to rip the nutrient suckers out tonight.

Do you find the same plant outside your building close by?

No that was why I was a bit confused. I'm still learning about the plant side of things.

Could be because the weeds get mowed or weed whacked regularly and I don't see them in their developed state.

Weed.  I get the same growing here in S Tampa bay

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