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"I've also submitted the whole 'harvest' for lab analysis last week to see what all is exactly in there and in what exact amounts. I'll post the results when I receive them"

Hi Vlad, forgive me if you have reported your lab results elsewhere but I have been unable to find them. Did you get promising results and what kind of lab did you send them too?

Thanks Andrew

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Hi Andrew, could you please elucidate, or put into context what statement of mine I/you were exactly referring to? As of the beginning of this year's growing season alone (until now), I've had about a dozen leaf tissue analyses, half a dozen or so petiole sample analyses, multiple berry panel/juice tests, DNA sequencing on half a dozen microbes, a slew of chemical analyses/determinations...etc...So I'm a bit at a loss as to what exactly you were referencing in your post  Sorry.

Sorry to be vague, I was referring specifically to your suspected struvite crystals that you had analysed. Were they the real deal?

No problemo...yes, If I recall the struvite averaged out to be about what I thought it would (roughly)

5-7 N

24-30 P

0- K

and 9-12 Mg

P as PO4 and N as NH3

That's really encouraging I will step up the pee production. Did you decide on a best/quickest way to precipitate out the struvite? After reading your research I tried epsom salts and kieserite. The latter didn't fully dissolve, even in a little warm water first, so I wasn't sure if the precipitate wasn't just kieserite after processing. With epsom salts the precipitate was ultra fine and like a cloud in the bottom of the 5L cartons I was processing it in. I'm still not sure how much to add per litre, how long to completion and if temperature is important?

If these questions are dealt with elsewhere then I apologise, please just forward me in the right direction.

Thanks again Andrew

Hi Andrew,

I'm a bit crunched for time at the moment but basically i ended up going with 5-6grams of Epsom salt (which is 9.98% Mg) per liter of humonia.

There are some explanations (measurements, drying time, simple struvite reactor, etc)... with pictures here...

I don't mind answering any questions you might have 

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