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Hello, I have an opportunity to work with a group in the northeast that may launch an aquaponics business as part of a job development project in a depressed community. However, at the moment they're leaning towards hydroponics. I've been told that if I can come up with some examples of profitable aquaponics businesses in cold climates that I may be able to sway their decision.

Can anyone refer me to any profitable businesses (not backyard home systems) that are in climates that do get below freezing for notable periods of time.

Any help is appreciated,


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Off the top of my head I would direct you to all of the operations in Colorado and Canada. In fact Google or Bing is your friend here- type in the state name and aquaponics and at least 2-5 commercial operations will pop up. "Colorado Aquaponics"on Bing returns results for some big name aquaponics- GrowHaus, Colorado Aquaponics and I know Green Acres has done trainings there as well. Just make a list of all the states that would fit your criteria and do a search. I bet you will get more then you need.

If you follow the Friendly's they have a commercial greenhouse plan that weathers very low winter temperatures.

Good Luck!

continental organics is in upstate NY about an hour north of NYC. They are not a public company so no financials, but the have products in reputable supermarkets.

Bright Agrotech - Montana

GrowHaus is a non-profit focused on bringing real food into a rather disadvantaged neighborhood.  They are more about education and nutritional than profit.  They have secured at least one very significant grant to help them out.  IF you are ever in town they offer tours on Fridays

There are certainly no guaranteed frigid climate live farming prospects. In the American Northeast, Blueberries and Asparagus quickly comes to mind as zone 3 hardy crops. Growing those along with cold hardy trout and perhaps greenhouse additions like garlic and the indestructible radish and onion, seems like a successful opportunity.

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