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I don't consider myself a hard core prepper but I do try to plan for potential disaster situations as I can. I think having an AP system is a great match for any survival plan. Wrote a blog post about the reasons here:

Any other aquapons consider their system part of a survival plan?

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I'm a prepper - and if I had the money I'd be a hard-core one!  Having an AP system is definitely a part of my prepping....

Currently working on an off grid solar system. Even more money to spend!  I like it!

It's insane not to be preparing for a changing world. The economic, social and cultural indicators are screaming that things are falling apart. Bernanke and company are trying to propagate a myth that the status quo is good. I'm trying to propagate tilapia and lettuce, and I know that my life is good. 

Lol, did you find out about aquaponics through doomsday preppers?

Jacalope - an off the grid system would be awesome. I'm not there yet, maybe one day...

And Alex - no I must have heard about Aquaponics in some online news article, and soon after a friend loaned me a copy of Sylvia's book. After that I was hooked. I agree with Mark Hall though that it is just common sense to prepare for change. I approach prepping more as a lifestyle than as a goal. I.e. aquaponics is great whether or not hyperinflation hits - I'll enjoy my fish and produce either way. And my wood stove keeps me warm whether or not I have electricity. Etc.

Man, I so completely and hardily agree with that! Keep up that kind of thinkin'.

Daniel said:

 I approach prepping more as a lifestyle than as a goal. I.e. aquaponics is great whether or not hyperinflation hits - I'll enjoy my fish and produce either way. And my wood stove keeps me warm whether or not I have electricity. Etc.

That's why we moved to the mountains of E. TN. This farm doesn't even need a pump as they hit an artesian source at 300 feet. We also have a stream that can power everything and enough 100+ foot trees to last a lifetime of heating. Our whole family has now followed us here to boot so we can now all pull together. AP is an important part of our prepper plan and we are helping many others do the same. "Times They Are A Changing"

Sounds great Jim! I'm in west TN where it is very flat. Wish I was closer to the smokies. Either way having land with a water source is critical for long term prepping - there's only so much water you can store. Sounds like you've got a great spot.

The Antonyms for "Prepare" are "neglect, ignore, disarrange, demolish, scatter, ruin". In my mind I'd rather be in the group that prepares than in the other group. 

Good to learn to build pretty much everything yourself as well. This is a picture of our very efficient woodstove and water heater. My wife wants one for the house now and it will feed hw to a radiator in the far end of the house as well.

I agree with Daniel.  Prepping is definitely a lifestyle not a milestone or goal.  Though today I realize I’ve probably been a prepper for a long time, I never thought of myself as one.  About three years ago, I started seeking out certified organic farms and small family owned farms.  Fear and aggravation motivated me.  I live too far from farms.  The cost of food especially produce is ridiculous and its horrible quality. As for the fear part, I’m scared of GMO, and all the chemicals we find in our foods today.  So my goal is to be able to grow enough food to feed my family.  I got into aquaponics only because it made sense after being successful with hydroponics.

Think of Preparedness on a family level. All responsible people are preppers. They save for lean times; they have insurance for disasters; they prepare their children for the world they must enter. Preparedness is a virtue. Aquaponics just makes sense in the big picture. It's insurance against a food distribution system that could fall apart any day. And it's rewarding in more ways than can be expressed. If your food safety net is having the Domino's Pizza phone number on speed dial, you really need to take an AP course.

im not a prepper nor hard core. But my Desire to reduce Dollar necessity Is prob beyond a preppers desire to be ready. Ive gotten fired from every job i ever held. I dont get along well with anyone at work So? dollar reduction is imperative for me. And in that respect  lloll....intensity wise i guess. I share similarity with the hard core prepper.


I will walk, take busses, during good times. I will fish when i can/ Use very little electricity, / Also Car pool/

so when i get canned/ its not so bad/ I also grow my own food/ And i take in roomates/ anything i can to reduce

dollar necessity./ My goal is to be need only 200 to 400 a month in 2015. Thats what brings me to self suffeciency.

Ultimately my goal in 10 years/


Is to not need dollars eevr again.


but you know Roma was not built in one day./


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