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Wow, just amazing. What's there to say, other than unfortunately I expect there will be much more of this type of thing to come. Though if you look at who all is running the FDA these days, it's not at all surprising (just disgusting).

It's time for sheeple to stand up and rebel. I'm just downright fed up with the feds screwing us every-which-way. This fascism needs to stop!

Thank you Rob for bring this to our attention. I'm so glad I live in a communist country where the populace have more freedom than those in "the freest country in the world". Obama or whatever his real name is needs to be impeached. Vote for Ron Paul no matter what your personal political preference is. I hope he calls Jessie Ventura to be his VP.

I have great admiration for small farmers and think we need to do much more to protect them, but it appears this guy clearly broke the law. If you're in business, you've got to understand the laws -- especially in depositing this much cash into accounts.

The federal anti-money laundering statutes are needed tools that have helped to go after drug dealers and terrorist organizations. They also help nab individual taxpayers who deal in cash and think they can hide profit by depositing less than $10K in their accounts. That's tax fraud.

It's very rare the IRS CD pounces on an innocent business person. I suspect there's more to this story.

I am now reminded of why I left the US. Thank you...And a small farmer is supposed to deal in what currency...

I would agree that they were probably trying to skirt the laws a bit.  But it's still mind blowing how many unknown laws there are about running a business.  Last year my accountant was doing our business taxes and he wasn't too pleased about some of my bookkeeping practices.  You almost need a a full time lawyer and accountant on staff just to make sure you obey every single rule.

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