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Hello All,

Greetings to all enthusiasts.  I am designing my first aquaponics system using IBC as my fish tank containers as well as my sump.  So far I have the design configured at 4 IBC fish tanks and 1 IBC sump operating on DWC beds.  Sump is below ground level to provide insulation for better temp stability.  Kinda hot where I am (Manila, Philippines) and I don't want to dicker with refrigeration systems for now.

My question is... "Can we use the sump as dual purpose role for something else?"  I just want to maximize my space use and a 1 cu meter sump tank seems like it can be used for something else.  A few things come to mind like:

  • in--tank moving bio filter
  • another bottom feeder type of fish tank
  • foot spa (okay maybe not....)

Has anybody got first hand experience or opinion on this?  I would appreciate the input.

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Hi Jim,

Again thanks for the additional info.  Until I read your reply I never thought about filters for whats on top surface of the water.  Can you tell me more about your skimmer outlet?  

BTW, we are getting a bit off topic for the skimmer filter.  Should I start a new thread with the relevant topic?

Here is a blog I posted on our SLO design: SLO

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