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Are you seeking to breed mostly male Tilapia?

Are you aware what is added to the feed fed to Tilapia fry to change the sex?

Have you heard of MT?

What is MT? It is a potentially dangerous steroid called methyltestosterone.

"Tilapia farmers add MT to the powdered fish food they give tiny tilapias, or fry, daily for three to four weeks to turn them into males. Males are desirable because they grow faster than females and to
prevent reproduction by keeping one sex only". 

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Fry swallow MT and then excrete it back into the water.

Naturally one should be " concerned that the steroid’s residue might impair the health of workers who enter the water to gather juvenile fish. Further, many farmers discharge the tainted tank water into natural bodies of water where it might harm wildlife. The health of locals who swim in or wash their clothes in the waters might also be jeopardised"...further "How the use of MT in aquaculture could affect humans or wildlife is largely unknown...

MT is an androgen given to rouse puberty in slow-developing adolescent boys and to treat breast cancer. Notably, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has said that extended use of androgens in high doses has been linked with liver cancer development, and that androgens may increase elderly people's chances of getting prostate cancer.

In women, high doses can breed deeper voices, facial hair, acne and irregular menstrual cycles, the FDA warned."

And you still want "all Male Tilapia" for your Aquaponics system?

Someone please tell me WHAT AM I MISSING?


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