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Hey y'all

The experimental setup has been cycling nonstop for 3 weeks now, fish are swimming around, i guess its time to maybe put some plants in.  Thing is, in this 3 weeks, algae has begun growing in the system.  Not taking over (yet) but it makes me curious what to do about algae growth in the system.  What do you do to control it?


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keep water out of sunlight.  what are you using for your beds and fish tank?

shade tank

don't flood gravel completely - leave dry layer on top

Also, keep your nitrates at a reasonable level (which, since your cycling,  you don't have to worry about quite yet). Algae loves excess plant food in your system.

Simple barrelponics system, white barrels, planning on painting them green since green is the color plants don;t use to help mitigate the algae growth.  It does live outside unsheltered at the moment, that's soon to be fixed.  the gravel beds will be dry at the last inch or so - ran out of gravel when i was putting it together.

Why not get a couple alge eater fish from the pet store? I have 2 placostomus's in each of my tote ponic systems, sting alge gone .

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