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After months of youtubing decided to make my own system I like the idea of Easy organic nutrients from aquaponics and the idea of misting the roots from aeroponics so I decided to combine the two. My first system ever.

I spent quite a bit work on the system. but I am not impressed with my results. I don't think I have enough fish in my 20 gal res 4 gold fish and 2 koi. Is there a good rule of thumb for this.

Plants are growing but not so great.

I use a very powerful 3000gph?? Sump pump so I can power my misters with high pressure.

I also rigged a diy Swamp cooler that makes a big difference in hot summer days.

I plan on making an indoor system with its own grow room and the whole works but I need to learn more before I do more trial and error. Kinda price

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Any update of this, I'm interested the aeroponics aspect of this? Any issues with clogging? Also isn't 20 gallons a bit small for all those fish? I read a good rule of thumb for fish is 5 gallons per pound of fish.

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