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I am picking up an AP running system this weekend.  I got a deal and grabbed it before i had time to learn much about APs.  i was told there is a way to raise and lower PH organically like vinegar and baking soda.  anyone have info on how to do this and what to use?  also, a friend gave me a PH tester they had for their pool.  will that work to test ph and chlorine (i'm trying to off-gas chlorine for when we pick up the AP system this weekend) or do i need to go to a petstore or somewhere?  anything else i need to get and be testing?  thx! 

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Ugh, my alkaline, hard water has been a costly curse to me so much so that I have to treat the water to lower alkalinity in a separate container before using the water for top-offs.

In the outdoor goldfish/koi pond hobby arena, my alkaline, hard water is truly a blessing, but, when wanting to grow high yielding and sometimes difficult to grow plants with fewer fertilizers, then the water becomes less of a blessing.

JoAnn Dobson said:


Thanks for posting.   Our water is very hard.  I hadn't even thought about it being the cause since it's something we just accept around here.

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