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My plants are turning a bit yellow. I wanted to add some chelated iron. Could not find any in the stores. All I found was this:


Would this be safe to use in an aquaponic system?

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Hum, I've never used such a product in my system.  I'm not sure that you really want to be adding gypsum to your system through as I don't seem much benefit in the soil amendment being added to a gravel/water system.


  I have in a pinch when I couldn't find any chelated iron, used the Liquid Iron which is Iron Sulfate or Ferrous Sulfate I think.  Truth is, if your system pH is a bit high, the Iron sulfate will only be minimally effective because it gets quickly locked up by the high pH.  You might be better off using the Liquid Iron mixed up as a foliar feed for your plants so they will get more benefit from it.  Just be careful when spraying it as it often stains.


Or you might see if you can find Maxicrop plus Iron to use for your system.


What is your pH?

You can order chelated iron online here


Last time I checked my pH a few days ago it was 8.3, I'll check it again today


Thanks for link Rich.

Yea, how old is the system?  You are likely to have difficulty with Iron def as long as the pH is so high.  Foliar feeding is likely to be your best bet until you get your pH below 8 and perhaps by then you will have gotten some mail order chelated Iron.

ok thanks, my system is fairly young, almost 1 month old. Last time I tested

ammonia 0ppm

nitrite .15 ppm

nitrate 5ppm



is that nitrite 0.15 or 15 ppm?  But since you are starting to get nitrate, a little more patience.  If the nitrite is 0.15 then you could probably dose ammonia again but if the nitrite is 15 I would hold off on dosing ammonia again for a while.

I just did a new test,

Am 0 ppm

Nitrite .25  ppm (not 25)

Nitrate 3ppm

pH 8.2


Also from my first readings my nitrates were higher. My first reading they were at like 8ppm on may 8th

Sorry, my wires were crossed I thought I was still in a conversation about fishless cycling.  Duh, this was about Iron.


Anyway, How many fish you have?

Your Iron issue will probably go away if your pH drops down closer to 7.  What is your source water?  You might help yourself out if you can adjust the pH of your top up water instead of trying to bring the pH down in the system directly.

I have 1 comet goldy 

1 crayfish

approx. 15 guppies

approx 16 gal growbed

approx 18 gal water


I treat my tap water with a chloramine and chlorine remover for aquariums. Its non toxic

Hum, system that size, have you thought of crushing up an Iron supplement tablet and dissolving it into some water for the system?  I think that is usually just Iron sulfate too and not actually chelated but it might tied you over.
So I bought some chelated iron on-line it should come soon. My plants are fine and growing fast, but still a little on the pale side. Thanks for the help. Ill let you know how it turns out after a dose of iron.
You won't need much Iron in a system that small.

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