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I have my one IBC system already set up.  It seems to be doing well, although it's still cycling of course.

I'm already adding to it.  I cut up another IBC vertically to get two bigger grow beds out of it for a total of 3 growing beds.  They are stepped so that I can let gravity drain from the top one on down to the lowest one.  The top one will be farthest from the tank and pump, so I was thinking...

What do you think of using a 3 inch pipe to carry the water to the far bed and turn that pipe into a grow bed itself?  I'm thinking 2 inch wholes which would accommodate net baskets for growing strawberries.

Does anybody see a reason I should reconsider this before I spend the money?



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Averan, I FULL ON agree, that people should in more cases than they do...just go for it!

Any kind of experimenting is a success, as long as people learn something from it. That's what this whole trip is about (not  just AP, but Life...learning)...learning, trying something out (even when it flies in the face of 'conventional' wisdom. I'm often suprised at how many 'things' work...when it's said that they "shouldn't"...

Although his cascading grow beds may not be best for the grow beds themselves, IMO it's probably GREAT set-up for attaching an NFT 'at the end of the line'...for conventional and obvious reasons...and he should go for it as you say...using your 4" pipe suggestion would be 'smart'.

My primary point for the OP (not having any clue as to what he knows or doesn't about NFT growing) is just to make him aware of some of the 'conventional' wisdom...backed by many a practical experience would, so that he may better (or not) choose a strategy in doing what he wants to accomplish...and to be aware of certain 'realities' of NFT growing.

Recently I was contacted by a gentleman (great guy btw), who set up a rather LARGE and COMMERCIAL AP- NFT only, operation who had NO IDEA that he needed a bio-filter, or even what a bio-filter was...let alone any additional filtration. The point isn't to berate people, but rather to explain and/or make them see the importance of understanding certain basic principles so that they do not suffer later...once this gentleman was made aware of the importance of bio-filtartion (and that NFT offers almost none), he promptly installed some needed bio filters...We all come at this from different 'places'.

I do apologize if my tone seemed 'off', because that is NOT how I meant it.

+1 there Vlad

apology accepted.  :)

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