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I recently saw a chart for what types to plant throughout the year in Arizona.  Does anyone know where I can find one for Georgia?  Thanks in advance.

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Try your county extension agent Brian, they are paid (by your taxes) to produce things like that. 

Here is something from the U of G

Yeah I would have done that since we were friends but now he has been transferred to Florida and our county is waiting for a new one. 

Now was that chart that I saw for the Arizona group for aquaponics? Or just in general?

That original chart was for the "low desert regions" of Arizona, where it used to be hotter than hell but that seems to have moved to Oklahoma for the past several years. They have hotter temps and higher humidity there most of the summer and they have those awful winters too... Lucifer, thanks for relocating! 

Never met Hank, seemed like a nice guy though

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