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 Yes, I know that koi do not get pregnant, but does it mean that she is full of eggs? what should I do? I posted this also in the koi group, but it did not seem that that group was very active. Also I am not sure if these are actually koi they are really giant goldfish. IDK. Is there is a difference? 

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  i mean next time, can i put some pvc pipe on the bottom of the tank for them to hide in?

So i got the solution for the pvc thing mentioned above.

 After dealing with this fish for quite some time, i decided that it is probably not going to get any better and i dispatched it. here r the pics of the inside. i couldn't make anything of it. the red stuff kinda looked like eggs and the balloon looking things were filled with air? I tried googling fish anatomy but that did not help much. thanks.

balloon looking things are probably something like swim bladders and I do believe some fish diseases involve problems with them and the inability to control them anymore thus the bloated appearance of the fish.

Not that I can make anything of it either but thank you for sharing your troubles and the pictures.

 Thanks anyway. for some reason i am not getting emails from this discussion or i would have replied sooner (and yes supposedly i am subscibed to the conversation). anyway yea that is wat i thought they were. u think the other things look like eggs? or is it a part of the anatomy? i am actually thinking that this fish was male because it had those things sticking out of its head like the males do, but i am not sure.

I don't know.

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