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 Yes, I know that koi do not get pregnant, but does it mean that she is full of eggs? what should I do? I posted this also in the koi group, but it did not seem that that group was very active. Also I am not sure if these are actually koi they are really giant goldfish. IDK. Is there is a difference? 

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Definately add an airstone. don't worry about filtration at this point. might want to consider a 5-10 gal. aquarium tank. I've raised a few angel fish and other ornamentals. once you have a mated pair they will be prolific. spawning may take several days. you can let them go until they are fertilized.

eggs should hatch in a few days 2-4. they will use up there egg sack in about 5-7 days. if you don't get fungus on the eggs that is. then the tricky part is to get them to eat non moving food. I've used egg yolks, powdered egg yolks and commercial fry food, tube worms and the like. don't use clorinated tap water it will kill the eggs / fry.

from the pic it looked like she had dropsy/bloat. good to hear it was eggs:)

good job dad.

 Well it might still be that the one fish has other problems because it still looks like that and it didn't seem to be taking part in the frenzy. i was going to give it a few days and see if things changed.

 so r the eggs fertilized at the end or as they go along? because i already moved the eggs out, would they still be fertilized?

the males will fertilize the eggs right away. the male goldfish will push or dump the females to release her eggs.

if you have one fish looking like that it's probably bloat/dropsy, I'd quaratine her.

if you have goldfish, they should be hatched by now (2-4 days). trout / salmon can take 28-30 days.


 I was thinking they should be hatched by now, but they r not as far as i can tell. I assume they r pretty small? some eggs r cloudy and some r clear. i understand that the cloudy ones r not viable?

  I quarantined the one fish a few days ago and stopped feeding it, which is wat the pond store recommended (without seeing the fish, btw). so i guess we will see what happens. hate the thought of putting it down. how should i do it? smack it on the head i guess? should i dissect it to see wat the problem was?

you will see little black specs first =eyes.

cloudy is bad, fuzzy is really bad. remove fuzzy eggs=fungus

don't put her down. it may clear up. it may not. if you think shes suffering put her in some water in a bag then put in freezer

Very cool thanks. good idea with the freezer thing. It does not appear to be suffering. I have quarintined it in a bucket and I will be changing the water soon to make sure that is good. The old water I am going to dump in my outside hot compost pile so the main tank will not become contanimated and I do not waste the water (i pay for r/o water, u know?). Also I set the bucket by a window so the fish gets less day time then in the growroom. i figured that would be goos so it will get more rest. It still seems to be the same size btw. I have also made sure the water level is full in the fish tank and that the gb's r full. which i am assuming was the problem to begin with as before it was sort of the opposite.  

  so i still do not see babies in the bucket and it will be a week tommorrow that they stopped spawning. I am not highly concerned about having more fish, but I am looking at getting some experience from this. So with that in mind should I do anything additional to help them out? I have not checked the temp. maybe that would help? also i do not think any of the eggs r fuzzy, but i will go ahead and remove the cloudy ones if they r not going to do any good. I am thinking maybe my worms (in my vermiculture system) will like them? 

 Let me know if any of this doesn't sound right, etc. thanks again.

Jimi Subgum said:

you will see little black specs first =eyes.

cloudy is bad, fuzzy is really bad. remove fuzzy eggs=fungus

don't put her down. it may clear up. it may not. if you think shes suffering put her in some water in a bag then put in freezer

 So I noticed little fishes swimming around this morning. I went to the aquarium store and picked up some frozen baby brine shrimp. I also put a bit of spanish moss in the bucket for them to hide under. I am now wondering what should be done about the water in there. i did not put much in to begin with because i figured that i could just keep adding a little more fresh water every once in a while to keep it within good parameters. any suggestions? thanks.

 Yea now I have water concerns because my pump blew a tube yesterday and filled the bucket with the fry in it with regular tank water.

So is there a question in that last comment?

 yea, sorry, so i guess the question is... how concerned should i be about the water in the fry tank? i did not get a chance to add much fresh water. my plan was to fill the bucket with fresh water a bit at a time and i thought that would be good enough, but now it is filled to the top with water from the tank. i tried to scoop out some of the water, but I couldn't do it without also scooping out babies. any suggestions? or should i not worry about it?

 also i guess i kinda fibbed about buying baby brine shrimp to feed them. the store was out and now i do not have enough $ to get any until Mon. i have been feeding them crushed pellets. is that going to be ok? I am also out of eggs so egg yolks would not be an option at the moment either.

TCLynx said:

So is there a question in that last comment?

 so it has come to my attention that a pvc pipe could be used in the main tank for the babies to hide in? anyone know about this? it would be awfully convenient since i, obviously, have plenty of spare pvc lying around. the concern i would have though is that i hear the fish can not really swim the first several days also they seem to like to hang out at the top of the tank and i wonder if they would actually go in to a pipe that was set at the bottom of the tank.

put some netting up near the surface but in the water along the edge of the tank and the swim up fry can hide among that if you are really worried about them.

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