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Hi folks, here are some photos of the progress of our greenhouse build. We went with 8x15 because anything over 120sq' requires a permit within Sacramento city limits, and we wanted to keep our first foray into aquaponics relatively small.

So far We have the 4x4 "foundation" square and level, roughly 50% of the excess dirt from within the foundation has been removed, and when not digging I've been working on stands/cradles for the growing beds.

Once all the earth moving is complete, we'll tamp it down, lay down some weed barrier. and pack the inside of the foundation box with gravel.

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You've been busy Fishy, looking good!  Can't wait to hear/see more!

Nice .

Is there more support under the barrels beyond just the boards supporting the very ends of the barrels?  I'm worried that your barrels will try to sag and bow and perhaps even fall down if you don't have any other support under them.  It is amazing how heavy water and media is over time even if it is light weight media.

Yep, got that covered. 2 lengths of 1"x1/8" angle iron running parallel to one another at the base of the barrels, and more running along the top edge to keep it from flexing outward. bottom bracing is visible in detail photos on page 3 of this thread.

no longer for sale.

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