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I bought a 500 Watt Titanium heater for the 100 gal RubberMaid Ag fish tank, thinking that was large enough since they are typically rated at 100-160 gallons.  At the maximum setting I am getting only about 72F out of it. Since I need to raise the temperature for the tilapia closer to 80+F, I am looking for 800W or 1000W unit, which will be the main heater. The current 500 W will be the back up.

Anyone have any experience with this line of heaters?

JBJ 800W True Temp Titanium Heating System.  


Seems a bit pricey, but I don't mind paying for quality if it'll do the job and last.  Any other possible recommendations?  

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I only have raise the temperature by about 7-10 degrees because the system is in the basement where it stays right at about 68F.  Even if we lost power for a short period of time, temp would only drop to low 60s.  Tank is 100 gals + what's circulating through the sump and grow beds/nft system.

Do you mean an electric hybrid car Bill?

Bill Moore said:

Hey... I am also charging an electric hybrid.  Goal is to eventually go solar for the hot water.

Yes...  converted 2009 prius with 6.1kWh battery pack and EV range up to 15 miles. After that it works like conventional Prius hybrid.  Wife drives it to work. We use about 4kWh a day to recharge it.  At our current electricity rate that's less than 40¢.

Very cool. That probably helps balance out the Chevelle442 in your FT :) 

(the Talapia I mean)...

I am hoping our reduced use of petroleum helps balance it all out, but eventually, I want to use a lot more solar (both thermal and PV) for both the car and the aquaponics system.

Solar (esp when combined with a small windmill, at least in this area), is an very attractive way to go IMO. The initial investment is sure significant though. Average pay-off is what these days? 7 years. Not too bad for a bit of independence as well as helping to reduce your carbon foot print IMO.

Unfortunately our very 'wise' leaders here have proclaimed that the wind itself is a "national resource" and belongs to the government. And this year began a campaign of forcing folks to take their windmills down. You can keep your solar panels, but here in not-so-sunny Serbia that is not practical since here there is no mechanism in place for you to be able too send or sell your excess electricity back into the grid, so your choice is either be on grid, or be totally un-connected and on your own. (Which is hard without the small windmill to supplement). This is all very ironic to me as we are in the second day of electric power restrictions (we now have no water since the gov't turned the juice that runs the pumps off...street lamps etc...are all turned of as well). Because they say our capacity cant keep up with demand. Yet they wont let you produce your own? 

Though this makes sense in a way, since a couple of local oligarchs want to privatize the El. industry and have apparently  studied the Enron Scandal play book on how to create fake energy crisis'. 

Hope you get to go solar real soon. I think its a noble thing to do, even if it turns out to be financially more expensive in the short-long run.

I didn't know about the windmills (this is in Serbria, right?) but...I myself this next year, will be putting up 75 watt solar panels (7) I have the cells to make them.  I am going to use earth capacitors to generate  what the solar panels doesn't put out.  If it works out for me on the information I have....I will send the information to you.   We MUST ALL STICK TOGETHER to be able to survive what-ever comes next.

Hey man, I was having trouble with keeping my water warm enough with the wattage of heater I was using.  So, I decided to insulate my tank.  I used 2 sheets of rigid blue insulation under my tank, then built a box around it as it is oval, and then used spray foam insulation between the box and the tank...I got an extra 12 F in might also want to think about some kind of insulated lid for nighttime too!  I am raising Tilapia in an outdoor greenhouse in Canada!

That's a great idea.  In my basement system, I don't mind some heat leakage because it helps heat the house.

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