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I bought a 500 Watt Titanium heater for the 100 gal RubberMaid Ag fish tank, thinking that was large enough since they are typically rated at 100-160 gallons.  At the maximum setting I am getting only about 72F out of it. Since I need to raise the temperature for the tilapia closer to 80+F, I am looking for 800W or 1000W unit, which will be the main heater. The current 500 W will be the back up.

Anyone have any experience with this line of heaters?

JBJ 800W True Temp Titanium Heating System.  


Seems a bit pricey, but I don't mind paying for quality if it'll do the job and last.  Any other possible recommendations?  

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Considering couple other options:  (1) build Randy Mossman's DIY heater using 2000 W 120V electric hot water heating element; (2) build 4x8 solar hot water heater using CPVC []. The system is on the south side of the basement wall and it would be simple to pump this. There's already a hole there where the heat pump pipes are run.  Would need a second pump to circulate water up to a head of around 18 feet.   

A third option might be evacuated tubes set up something like this: System uses 2 inch PVC and could be modularized depending on the size of my tank.  Would make an interesting experiment, for sure.  Any thoughts, anyone?

Yeah, hehe...use a different breed of fish :)

But we like Tilapia!  ;-)   Anyway, I've already invested money in buying an Eaton thermostat with temp probe, 2000 W electric hot water tank coil and Randy Mossman's adapter.  




Follow-up:  Over the weekend, I make the set up semi-permanent. Check out the photo in the gallery.  I put the Eaton thermstat inside a blue shallow double receptacle box and cover. 10 ga. wire to the heater are inside plastic conduit. I found the correct setting to maintain the water at a 74-78F temperature range, which is what I want for both the tilapia and the gold fish.  Very pleased -- so far -- with the results.

Hope you're still pleased... when the power bill comes in...

Just for reference... pure physics definition...


To raise the temperature of 1000L of water by 1 degree... requires 1Kw of power...


Sorry, you guys will have to do the conversion... I'm off to bed...

Hey... I am also charging an electric hybrid.  Goal is to eventually go solar for the hot water.

Rule of thumb on pond heating: 1 Watt per Gallon = 10 degree rise in water temperature. Example 1500 watt (1.5 kw) to heat a 1000 gallon pond by 15 degrees over a 24 hour period.

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