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I have a 6'x8' would be too small except for maybe 1- IBC tote and even then you'd barely be able to squeeze by the side (the totes are about 4' which would only leave you 2' or less to squeeze past it.)

Maybe an 8'x8' minimum size ....for a single tote I'm thinking.

I see that this is an older thread, but I am wondering if anyone currently has this greenhouse?

They are back on sale for the next week and I am thinking about getting one.'s small but I figure I put one IBC in the far corner and custom build a 8'X3'X12" growbed that would be partially over the IBC. That would give me a fishtank of roughly 250 gallons and a grow bed of roughly 180 gallons/24 feet. 

Agree with the others - too small for a decently sized system.  Also the door seems low unless you're 4'8" like the girl in the picture.

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