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I would like to stock rainbow trout into a 550 gallon aboveground kiddie pool, and I think I will try 10-20 fingerlings and grow them out, maybe harvest a few a little younger to keep the pool not overstocked. I would try to feed them everyday, but I will probably miss a few days (I'm 11). Also, I want to make at least 50-100 dollars of profit a year, but I don't want to totally overstock the fish. I will sell the fish at my local farmers market (I live in Iowa, so trout prices will be pretty good). I would love for someone to comment on my plan before I actually start it, as once again, I'm 11 and just starting out.

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It will take about two years for your to reach market size. also you will have to feed them every day for that to happen. if you want them to be at marketable size sooner you will have to keep the water temperature up to where the trout grow the fastest, which means heat the water in the winter.

Hello Cedric, I encourage you to go ahead with your project. All living organisms are sensitive to the temperature which mainly drives their metabolism and their environment.

In the case of rainbow trouts the most significant temperatures....Sorry we go metric....are reproduction range: 8 to 12 degrees centigrade, best food assimilation which is 15 C and most accelerated metabolism which is 17 C. They will stand up to 25 C for a short period. With this ideal temperatures you will get market size (250 gr) trouts in 6 months flat provided you feed them 1.5% of their weight.

Don´t be afraid to overcrowd you system as if it is ok you may stock very safely 40 kg trout in all those gallons, which would be 300+ fishes half pound to the market, twice a year. If your system is no good even a few fingerlings will pass away in no time.

Since your objective for utilities are reasonable you may reach your goal.

But, but, but, but, but, trouts need a very good water quality, that means that you will have to filter and aerate the water continuously. Are you prepared to do that? If you don´t know how, in this site you will find lots of good and practical advise.

Now your system may be Aquaponics with all the bonuses that means.

I enclose one of the best documents I ever found for your enterprise and it's future when you succeed. Best of luck.


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