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I have added Koi to my first AP system and I like being able to see them. So for now I am not using the cover for my tank and I have a spot light that I turn on in the morning and off at night. But my Koi are all hiding. Is there a better way for me to provide light so I can see the fish without scaring them?

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If you get a feeding schedule started the Koi will start coming to you. It usually takes two weeks before they start associating you with food. In this time don't try to net them because they will associate you with being caught. Skip a day or two between feedings. They'll be hungry and come up. Don't use sinking feed because they'll learn not to come up plus you won't be able to tell if you are over feeding.
You could try a half cover, fish feel safer with some overhead protection.  The light may be able to stay on if they feel secure enough.
Ok. I will try that. It's just such a small tank that covering half of it really limits how much I can see. I think I would almost rather not have a light and leave the top off.

Do you have koi alone or with other fish? I have koi in my systems and in a koi pond. The koi in the aquaponic systems, with lots of tilapia, act like the tilapia. They act scared and hide on the bottom with the school most of the time. My koi in the pond, on the other hand, are only with other koi. They are friendly and will actually beg for food. My pond fish are much more pleasing to keep than tilapia. Since I discovered this difference in interaction I have changed my philosophy on the best fish for systems.

New fish in a system need time to get used to you and the routine. The less you net and mess with them in their environment, the more friendly they will get. Follow Chi's advice and you should see your fish more

They are in there alone except for a pleco. But one of them used to be in a different tank and has always been skittish. I think they are copying him.
I don't know what light requirements kio have. Can kio live in darkness. Do they need natural sun. Can they be under artificial light? My kio are in the basement 275 gallon tank. one day they will get big and I will hav to move them outside. They are 5" right now. They seem to always hang out at bottom of tank. There is a small light that is always on In the basement.

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