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I frequently see mention of a list of 300 Aquaponics friendly plants on sites trying to sell aquaponic systems. However I can't find this list anywhere on the net. Can someone help me? I would like to include it in a follow up to an article that I've written for my Preppers group.



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Google is failing me. I'm not finding a list of 300 as such. Maybe they're counting each of the potential varieties within each subsection of plant which works well? So instead of just including "lettuces" on the list they're going with "Bibb, Buttercrunch, Little Gem, Paris Island, Great Lakes, Iceberg, Green Ice, Red Salad Bowl, Oak Leaf, Deer Tongue, Lobjoits Green, Valmaine, Cassandra, Fatima, Tom Thumb, Sangria, etc..."

I will keep looking though.

I ran into the same problem. Thanks for trying!

Everything except potatoes are aquaponic friendly, but it does depend on your water chemistry.

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