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Hey guys!!

So, first off let me go ahead and say this; 

DISCLAIMER:: I started out with a manual I found on BYAP and modified the mess out of it to suit my limited working space. I have been only doing this for a few months so I am learning as I go with trial and error...

Now, with that said;;;

I have a metal shelf unit I broke down to fit two grow beds (one blue rain barrel cut in half) and a fish tank on the top and bottom shelves respectively per each two-shelf unit. It measures about four feet tall by two feet wide by seven feet long. The 55 gal (208 L) fish tank has about 40 gal (151 L) in it with three fancy goldfish to provide enough waste to support the 30 seedlings I have in the four grow beds. I have an extra fish tank attached to the first by a horizontal pipe with an additional 20 gal (75 L) within. Submerged pump pushes approx. 300 gal (1135 L) per hour. I also have about 50 bio-balls in the tank with the fish to house my bacteria. There is currently no ammonia in my system, my Ph is at 6.0 , nitrite is 0 ppm, nitrate is 5 ppm and the water temp is at 77 degrees. (as of 8/14/2013)

My poor fishies have died every cycle because of too much ammonia or water temp too high or ph too low. Now I have an issue with my fancy goldfish dying and I don't know why. Any help out there??

(The system has gone through about 75 comet goldfish, 2 fancy goldfish, 2 tropical fish, and 2 koi.)

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How about dissolved oxygen, Aeration with a bubbler? How about some pics.  

I have air stones set up in the fish tanks. From the doorway facing left then facing to the right, and a pic of the fish tanks.

Jay said:

How about dissolved oxygen, Aeration with a bubbler? How about some pics.  


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