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I chekced with my local Ace Hardware store to see if they can get stock tanks and the answer is yes.  There are a couple of choices and Rubbermaid is not one of them.  Tuff Stuff makes a 180 gallon tub with a 24 inch depth and a 160 gallon tub with a 21 inch depth.  I'm also waiting to hear from a company called miller that also makes stock tanks to see what their 150 gallon tank dimensions are.  I actually prefer the Rubbermaid 150 gallon stock tank, but I have not been able to find a dealer so that I can mitigate shipping costs, about 2/3 of the cost of the tank.


Most nearly everything I've read so far indicates that the minimum depth for fish to avoid stress, spooking, and so on is 24 inches.  I prefer the 160 gallon Tuff Stuff tank to start with, but since it's 3 inches shallower, I'm concerned that it will have a negative impact on the fish.  What are some of your experiences and what would you recommend?  Thanks.

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Hi Gus, Have you checked with tractor supply ? They have a search engine on thier site. I typed in New Orleans...a handfull of them came up....the one on top of the list was in Hammond. Of course, I have no idea how far that is for you ?
It might be worth checking prices....
I recieved an email from TS today, offering 15% off for 'on-line orders'. I wonder if they'll let you pick up, 'on-line orders' at thier save on the shipping costs ?
The fish farm where I got my Tilapia fry have a growout pond that is only about 12 inches deep. It is wall to wall fish and they seem to be doing ok, even with the alligator in the far corner! I doubt 3 inches will really make that much difference, You could put some overhead cover to make em feel safer. (And avoid the alligators to make yourself feel safer )
For the fish tank, the deeper tub would definitely be better since if you fill it to the rim, they will jump out way too easy (even covers don't stop all exploration attempts.)

I've been doing ok so far with the rubbermaid stock tanks that are 25 inches deep and I fill them to about 18-20 inches normally depending on the situation. Tractor Supply company is definitely the best price for rubbermaid stock tanks in the 100 and 300 sizes. They also carry a couple other varieties as well.

For grow beds, any of those sizes are great.
Thanks all for the suggestions. I called TS today and they have 150 gal tanks in stock for $125.00. I'm trying to contact a seller of a 300 gallon tank with pump and filter. He wants $125.00 for the whole thing which I think is a pretty good deal and if still available may buy that.

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